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Binance NFT is a new online broker that has just come online in early 2021. According to the news release, Binance NFT is going to offer a wide array of non-fungal tokens – including art and gambling to sports and music, as well as an exchange platform – and is going to launch with two new venues: a Premium Event category, featuring artist collaborations and exclusive exhibitions, and a Global Trading platform, where people can make their own assets trading. Binance does not have a brick and mortar office, but instead operates from a warehouse in Dorset, England. It is registered with the Financial Services Authority (FSA) and is one of 21 members of the Association of Settlement Companies (ASC), according to its site.


Binance has signed deals with several well known entertainment brands including Virgin Group, Live Nation Entertainment, Apple Concerts and iLove All Stars. Binance works closely with artists, music artists, theatre companies, recording labels and other premium event creators to help them sell and distribute their products. Binance also plans to expand its product offering beyond the premium events niche into other areas, according to its founders. Binance will offer exclusive collaborations with artists who have their music or products exclusively sold through Binance.


Binance works with several originalICO developers whose combined experience and pool of know-how allow them to provide the best digital collectibles to buyers at the lowest transaction fees possible. Binance works closely with leading experts in the fields of finance and technology to ensure that it stays ahead of the trend in digital collectibles and other niche industries. According to its founders, Binance works in the best interests of the consumer by providing innovative and fast-track funding options that are designed to make buying and selling collectibles easy, safe and flexible for all its members.


According to spokesperson Jennifer Dawe, Binance CEO James Phelan, “The Binance Platform is used as an online marketplace where collectors can buy and sell collectibles from reputable sellers. Buyers and sellers can use the Binance Platform to communicate directly with one another. Collectors can view their transactions history, track and trace available items and communicate with sellers about available collectibles.” Binance works with a team of expert designers, programmers and developers to provide its members with the latest and most innovative technology to help them realize their dreams.


Binance has launched the Binance NFT Service which is aiming to help its members to promote their businesses and products to a larger audience. The NFT stands for Net Fibers per transaction. This is an initiative of Binance that aims to take the art of lending a revolutionary turn by making it more convenient and streamlined for both buyers and sellers. The Binance NFT service has been launched in conjunction with leading venture capitalists and artists to take advantage of the power and reach of the Internet and help artists reach out to millions of buyers. The founders of Binance believe that by harnessing the power of the Internet and combining it with a new and innovative platform for artists, the possibilities for artists in the global market are endless.


This service is accessible to all accredited traders who are members of Binance and can access the marketplace using their personal computers, mobile devices and the Internet. A member will need to have a Binance account to be able to access the marketplace and participate in the Cryptocurrency exchange. Binance will continue to expand and take the business to new heights as it launches exciting new products, services and partnerships in the near future. Stay tuned to Binance‘s social media channels for more updates.

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