Binance, the largest decentralized Cryptocurrency exchange in the world, is about to launch its new market and trading system for digital collectables known as Binance NFT. According to the news release, Binance NFT is going to offer a wide selection of non-fungal collectables-ranging from sports and music to gaming and art-and is going to launch two new venues: a Premium Events category, which will feature exclusive artist collaborations and professional installations by famous artists; and a New Collectable Category, which will feature an assortment of pre-launch products for collectors who are interested in collecting digital collectables but do not want to wait for their collections to grow large enough to justify investments in physical pieces. The company further states that this new service will allow consumers and collectors to trade any collectable, no matter how rare, with customers from around the world. Although the release does not provide any information as to how this will work, it seems like a logical step in understanding how Binance works and will undoubtedly be a welcomed innovation into the collectible world.

binance nft


The Premium Event zone contains goods from upcoming music festivals, such as Download Festival, and will include Binance NFT, which is exclusively available only during the Premium Event season. The New Collectable category contains a number of digital collectables from a variety of different artists and companies. Binance co-founder and CEO Martin Schaeffer stated in a release that “bands and fans will have access to digital downloads at a low price point without the risk of duplication, illegal piracy, or credit damage,” and that the marketplace for these products will expand as artists and publishers realize the huge potential of the Binance NFT marketplace. The premium events will rotate a number of music and artworks in each month. In addition, Schaeffer anticipates that the business will ultimately allow collectors to sell their collected items to the premium marketplace.


When Binance launched its flagship NFT service, it was immediately greeted with both praise and criticism by the industry’s leading collectors and traders. Many have criticized the lack of information that is provided to buyers regarding pricing, collectability, scarcity, and condition. However, others praised the marketplace for allowing consumers to exchange one form of collectible for another, while enjoying the benefits of a reliable trading platform. As the marketplace grows and matures, many more factors will impact its role and effectiveness as a leading marketplace for collectors.


One of the many challenges and goals that the Binance team has had since its inception has been developing a stable online community. The website has developed several distinct features that allow it to become an invaluable resource for collectors and traders. While the marketplace remains one of the most popular destinations on the internet, many people continue to experience frustration with the inability to find valuable items. The site promises to eliminate this problem in the near future, as the creators of the platform are continuously adding new features. This is just the first step toward changing the outdated and limiting nature of the traditional collectible marketplace.


Another area that the Binance NFT attempts to change is the way traders and collectors analyze their investments through the NFT. Currently, many brokers and marketplaces force traders and collectors to use the GSA (gas fees), IFRS (insurance premiums), and AMEX (asset trust funds) to determine the investment value. These methods often lead to inaccurate valuation and, as a result, investors are often forced to pay too much for their collections or are unable to sell them for the asking price.


Adding the Binance NFT as one of the major features of the new MetaTrader platform will enable brokers and collectors to provide accurate, easy-to-use, transparent pricing and trade applications. The new NFT will also enable collection and trade applications to trade without the use of precious gas fees, asset trust funds, or AMEX. As more traders and investors begin to utilize the new Binance NFT to their advantage, the old limitations of the MetaTrader marketplace will slowly be eliminated.

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