Binance, the new name of the powerful NFX marketplace is coming soon. This platform is created by two of the most talented and experienced marketers in the industry, David Blaine and Albert Perrie. In the past few years, they have been responsible for bringing several major currency trading platforms to the Forex market including the world’s first fully automated FX system. They are also the creators of the highly popular automated trading service called the Binance platform.

binance nft


Binance has several unique characteristics that set it apart from other leading platforms and products. The creators have conceived a unique, zero risk platform which is a brilliant alternative to traditional investment vehicles. One of the characteristics that distinguish binance from other coins is the minting platform. Binance uses an innovative minting method which is not seen on any other platform. With this method, Binance is able to offer a high quality, low cost, secure and portable minting product.


Another key attribute of binance is that it works in a transparent fashion without revealing any of the underlying costs, margins or trading mechanisms. This makes it ideal for use in multiple markets. Binance is a brilliant example of how a new product can enter the marketplaces while maintaining a strong defensive posture, using a highly advanced and versatile product in multiple circumstances. By combining its unique attributes of high liquidity, wide spreads, strong market distribution and minting capabilities, binance offers a truly robust and versatile product.


With its stable exchange rate and complete security, the creators of binance nft have seen thousands of new customers come into the marketplaces using this unique feature. Because it trades using a MetaTrader4 platform, this new product brings together two very powerful concepts, one of which is the ability to trade with the help of an actual broker and the second being the ability to trade without the need for a broker. This is a huge attraction for the beginners as well as the veterans in the industry. Since all transactions are made solely on the behalf of the seller, there is no need for a broker. This feature is available since the creation of binance nft and it works perfectly for both new and old customers.


Binance has used the base format of Metatrader4 for the development of binance nft and this means that it is compatible with almost all existing MetaTrader platforms. However, as a further security feature the creators of binance nft also incorporated the use of their own unique MetaTrader4 licensing system. The system is named the finance system after the founders of the company and it works perfectly with Metatrader4 4.5. The creators of the platform are quite excited about their innovative approach to trading because it eliminates the possibility of the users being scammed through the use of a broker.


A big question mark hanging over the minds of most people is whether the marketplace will be open to all customers from Europe as the launch is scheduled for the end of June. But according to the creators of the trading platform the answer to all such doubts is that they have already received a lot of European backs for the launch. They have also assured that the binance nft would not be launched in the U.S.A. as it requires a different set of rules and regulations in order to operate there. The marketplace release is scheduled for the end of June and it will be available to all Metatrader account holders.


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