Binance today officially announced the introduction of Binance NFT; a fully-fledged global network to buy and sell digital collectables and non-fungal tokens. The founder of Binance NFT Helen Hai stated: “Binance NFT brings together two key companies building the future of global e-commerce – Binance and NFT.” The head of Binance NFT, , Helen Hai, stated:


The head of Binance NFT, , Matthew Taylor stated: “The new feature of Binance NFT is the Binance Meta Panel, which includes the ability to view and monitor real-time quotes for over one hundred and fifty premium event creators across the globe. This upgrade of our Premium Explorer allows Premium Event Creators the ability to quickly and easily identify collectable quantities for their businesses from anywhere in the world at any time.” With the addition of the Premium Event Creator to the product line, binance has really put itself ahead of competitors. Currently, many are beginning to use Binance NFT to create, design, and manage their own list of premium entertainers and artists. Many are even starting to use the Binance NFT software program for the purposes of selling digital collectables and other niche products on eBay and through Binance‘s own portal.


As far as this new venture is concerned, many are starting to use it for business purposes, while others are seeing it as a great way to leverage the power of Binance. By creating a Binance account, one can set up an account directly with binance without having to go through a broker and can immediately start trading digital collectibles through the Binance marketplace. By taking advantage of the Binance system, individuals will be able to create a viable marketplace by setting up their own website, which will serve as their main sales outlets. Once the website is launched and online, individuals can then post listings for their items and simply wait to receive the corresponding payments. The binance system works as a sort of electronic marketplace, where buyers post digital collectible bids on the items they’re interested in buying, with the winners in turn being determined by the bid amount or quality of the item.


Other artists and sellers have taken to twitter to launch their sites shortly after the launch of finance’s NFT platform, including artists such as margret Alice and Joseph fisher. Others who have been actively selling on eBay prior to the launch include Karl von Clausewitz, Joseph fisher, margret alice, and Ashley albom. This is only the first glimpse into what this new EBay-style marketplace could mean for artists and collectors all over the world, as we are still very much in the early days of its inception. With the acquisition of the Verge, binance NFT will become even more important to artists and collectors everywhere. A collective understanding of what this brand means and how it may benefit the collector becomes very important.


One reason binance has chosen to launch their brand as the exclusive premium event category on eBay is the fact that it allows for greater brand recognition. With an extensive archive of digital media, such as music, photos, art, and videos, binance NFT is capable of reaching a larger audience than the average artist would be able to reach on their own. Being able to feature content that is already of high quality and has been featured in high profile mainstream media outlets creates an opportunity for binance artists and collectors to expand their client base. This kind of cross promotion is not commonly used by traditional online auction sites, and could potentially be the secret to binance‘s success on the auction site. Also, due to the fact that finance is strictly premium, it is a given that there will be a higher standard of payment and customer service than would be expected on other online auction sites.


The binance NFT business model has the potential to be very successful due to the high quality services they provide to their clients. With an exclusive member’s only content base, binance NFT makes it possible for its members to expand their client base while having access to a high-class digital collectibles marketplace. As binance continues to branch out into new markets, such as the premium event category on eBay, it is clear they are onto something big.

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