Binance, a leading online peer to peer lending marketplace has announced a new service called Binance Best Crypto Market. Cryptocurrency exchange startup Binance says it is launching a new market for digital art called non-fungal tokens or NFSs, an effort to tap the emerging interest in owning digital art tied to the distributed ledger technology of the future. Artists with “Premium Event” collections will get 90% of the profits from selling their work through Binance NFSs.


Binance plans to enable artists to sell their works using a new marketplace, which will be integrated with its own private marketplace that offers artists the ability to convert their collections into cryptosystems like Binance NFSs. Cryptocurrency marketplace makers like Binance are responding to growing demand for more secure ways to buy and sell digital works. Digital art lovers have long been concerned that traditional exchange routes like PayPal and credit cards were not sufficiently secure. These concerns have increased pressure on artists to build more secure relationships with buyers, many of whom may lack adequate funds to participate in traditional exchanges like PayPal. Binance, in response, has introduced an innovative new product that would allow artists working with the Binance platform to accept payment in the ether as well as credit card and Pay Pal using zero fees and free global gateways.


Binance is also introducing a new series of educational programs that would provide consumers with exposure to the ecosystem and how it works. The company recently announced the partnership with Acclaimed University to launch Binance Academy, a one-of-a-kind online learning initiative designed to help educate borrowers about the benefits of using a non-fungulent token exchange to purchase digital art. Binance Academy will feature top industry experts who will explain how Binance works, gain market intelligence, and share industry information. Acclaimed University is a non-profit educational network dedicated to helping students pursue a college degree. Binance Academy will be hosted at Acclaimed University’s University Park campus.


Other noteworthy collaborations include participation in the World Future Society summit in Abu Dhabi, the first exchange between a major Cryptocurrency marketplace creator and a major Forex trading organization. The creators of Binance NFSs are slated to join forces with Oanda, one of the largest venture capital firms in the world, which is working on projects aimed to increase the liquidity and usability of the Binance NFSs. Other notable co-venturers include Triton Network and Teleflora, two of the largest trade networks in the world.


In addition, Binance is joining forces with several well-known organizations in the realm of venture capital. Among those joining forces are IDG Capital, accelerators including accelerator platform accelerator, Lightspeed Venture Capital, as well as Zen Ventures, a strategic investment firm started by two entrepreneurs. Binance also has formed strategic alliances with several well-known banking institutions including Bank of America, Wells Fargo Bank, Chase Bank, and Citibank. Binance expects to expand its list of corporate and private investors in the coming months, as it looks forward to leveraging its equity and growth capital.


Binance, the fastest growing venture capital marketplace in the world, has joined forces with a number of the biggest names in the realm of enterprise, media, technology, and finance to build the largest and most sophisticated collection of premium digital currencies ever assembled. Binance NFT, which is also referred to as Binance Network, is the brainchild of executives who previously built the Forex automaton, FAP Turbo. The developers behind the project, which is in its early stages, have now released Binance NFT for public consumption.

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