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Binance NFT is the latest in a string of forex trading platforms to be launched by global banking regulators. According to the news release, Binance NFT is set to offer a broad spectrum of digital non-fungal tokens – from gaming and arts to music and sports – and is set to launch with two venues: a Premium Event category, featuring artist collaborations and exclusive exhibitions; and a Trading category, which will allow regular consumers to develop their own assets through trading. The news release goes into greater detail on the underlying technology and tools that will be used by the platform.


Binance NFT is set to launch in the Premium Event category with the launch of its first European-based venue, the London Gaming Commission (LGC). The creators of the platform have also confirmed an exclusive collaboration with four other prominent European gaming venues including organizers of the Euro Payments Group (EPC), PayPal, and Playtech. It has also signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) agreements with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) and UCPB Europe, owners of the payment gateways PWC and UCPB respectively. These companies will work with Binance‘s system developers to integrate Binance‘s NFT into their respective payment gateways.


Binance aims to deliver “an open standard for digital collectibles” to its customers. This includes its own unique “ICO Coin”, a proof of authenticity that can be collected and traded among owners/users of the platform. In parallel, the founders are also working on furthering the use of NFTs through the Binance API. This will enable members to trade digital collectibles using the same technology used to trade currencies. NFTs that arrive into users’ accounts will carry a guaranteed minimum order size as well as guaranteed deposit insurance. This ensures that both buyers and sellers get what they want: the lowest transaction fees and the fastest confirmation time possible.


The Binance Team is aiming at building a “bustling space for entrepreneurs” that offers unprecedented speed, versatility and security to its users. Its developers have invested heavily in making it compatible with a variety of global trading markets, allowing its users to access any of them they like. It serves millions around the globe by providing real-time monetary services and is paving the way towards a global financial revolution. A booming space for entrepreneurs and a profitable home business. What more could you ask for?


Binance works under a master broker who acts as the middleman between investors and borrowers. The broker receives an exclusive agreement with the Bank of China, one of the largest brokers in the world. Investors who sign up with Binance have agreed to pay a fixed trading fee called a “binance fee”, which is negotiable once the account holder opens his or her account. In return, the broker receives a certain percentage of the entire market proceeds, as well as a fixed processing fee and an exclusive global deposit insurance. This is the exact system the creators of Binance had in mind when they designed the system.


As mentioned, Binance is not a stock exchange platform. However, the creators of the platform took the opportunity to combine the best aspects of the stock exchange and the best features of a fully-customized online trading platform, resulting in a unique and innovative service which is fast, reliable and is quickly gaining popularity all over the world. As soon as Binance users sign up, they will instantly start earning from the market. They will also be entitled to earn rewards from time to time which will further stimulate their business activities.

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